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May 11, 2015
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May 21, 2015

george-lizos-metaphysical-me-authenticityOver the last ten years or so, I have had many epiphanies, some big, some small each having altered me in some way. Below is a list of the fundamental lessons which, when I fully understood, accepted and imbibed,caused my life to radically transform for the better and brought me closer to my Authentic Self.

1.Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This one is on top as it is the basis of a beautiful life. The reason this statement is so powerful, is because it is much more expansive than the words itself. It is a statement addressing the core of the separation issue and propelling us towards oneness. Know that whatever thoughts, words, deeds and actions we have directed at another, we have also directed to ourselves.

2.The law of Karma, Cause and Effect, however you may describe it is real

One of the basic universal laws. No free lunch – so best we recognize that as early as possible. There is no getting away with doing something wrong, without having to somehow repay for it. The effect does not necessarily come in the same form as the cause, but it surely comes. The reason why most of us have difficulty accepting this one is because of this outward discrepancy. In our inability to see direct co-relation, we often deem this law inconsequential.

3.Dont ever give your Power away to anyone.

This is not about becoming an Ego maniac and never listening to anyone. Its about loving, respecting and more than anything else, trusting ourselves enough so as never to be dependent on anyone else for our existence or redemption, physical or otherwise.Far too often, we look for an external saviour, taking the form of a partner, a parent, a boss, a teacher, a guru, a friend, a God.The saying God helps those who help themselves is self explanatory and dependency in any form is questionable.

4.We alone are responsible for everything that happens to us.

This one takestime to come to terms with. After all, there are so many unfair things, that have happened to many of us, that we cannot possibly imagine we created for ourselves. But the understanding comes- Slowly, painfully, and heartrendingly. The beauty of this excruciatinglypainful process, is that fully owning and being responsible for everything that happens in our life, is the very source of our own Authentic Power

5.We are the creators of our own destiny.

Following up from Numbers 3 and 4, this one becomes obvious. We are the creators of our destiny, not rudderless ships depending on the waves of life to take us to the shore. Thesooner we take charge, the better!

6.The three qualities that we must apply carefully while creating our own destiny are :

  • Self-Awareness
  • Imagination
  • Choice

These are the three of the greatest gifts of a Co- Creator. A co creator is someone who is actively choosing and designing their own life as opposed to being spun around by the hands of destiny.

7. Discernment is one of the most important aptitudes to acquire.

With the advent of the internet, comes huge amounts of information about any and every subject. With a press of a button, there isenough evidence to either prove or disprove a premise. So how do we decide on what is the truth, if we are not sure? This is where our sixth sense, our intuition becomes so much more important in the modern world. We will have to look within and learn to trust ourselves to know the answer. This skill takes time and effort to develop, as true discernment is only possible when we are free of personal biases. Its very much like a scientific experiment – A correct understanding must withstand the test of objectivity.

8.Projection and Transference of our own flaws is usually the greatest cause of conflict with others.

Most of us are constantly projecting our deep inner insecurities on to others. Most conflict is a result of projection on to another person, a part of us that requires healing. So how does one differentiate between one’sown projection and another’s ? By checking our level of agitation. Agitation about a subject, person or incident is usually projection in some form. An ability to witness without agitation is an observation.

9.We came to this world to give not to take

This is the fundamental law of existence and growth that far too many people ignore. It is also the one that leads to true abundance and creativity. The more we give, the more we get.

10.Balance in everything is key to a happy life

No matter how passionate we are about any particular cause, (work, family, fitness, spirituality, God, Politics, Activism) if that one thing overpowers us and prevents us from fully experiencing other aspects of life, then we know we are out of balance. This imbalance, though exhilarating to start with, will ultimately cause us to collapse or manifest itself in the form of disease, injury, failure or depression. To lead a truly fulfilling life, we have to be able and willing to enjoy many different aspects of creation, not just one.

11. Love is the only thing that is real

Its true! As we start to expand our consciousness, grow and evolve or simply start living more from the heart than head, this statement starts making more and more sense. All sadness, pain and hurtful experiences of our lives are creations of our Ego. And before we can love other, we must first and foremost love ourselves.

As Gary Zukav says The pain in your life is a measure of the distance between your current self- perception and the reality of yourself as a powerful and compassionate, creating and loving spirit. Closing that distance to zero is the spiritual path. It is now the evolutionary requirement for each of us to create Authentic Power.

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