Born in Dehra-Dun, India, I was raised in a conventional Indian Sikh family. I went to university in Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi and completed my MBA from INSEAD in Singapore. I have lived in India, U.A.E and Singapore and done significant travelling over my life. 

Currently based out of Singapore, I have my own training and development company, Eikaa – eikaa.org I have explored various avenues over my professional career, gaining experience in both entrepreneurship and corporate roles, mostly in the Financial Services sector. 

This website, however is about my personal and spiritual growth over the last ten years or so and how I can use that to help others on a similar journey.

Having lived through and dealt with some very painful experiences,  to “having it all” in life at some point, I went through my first dark night of the soul in 2008. There was a deep sense that something very important was missing in my life and I could not put a finger on it. This feeling had been there ever since I was a child, but at this point, was when it was so much in my face, that I could not look away from it. It was just an unfathomable longing to connect to something greater…..

Despite everything, I had not been able to fill that sense of emptiness that had made me uneasy, all my life. I had tried, very hard, with all the things which I thought would fill that emptiness – Relationships, children, a career, money, freedom but nothing had occupied that crater and my chasm was getting bigger!   Around 2008, that slight sense of emptiness had reached its pinnacle, and become a bottomless painful, heart rending chasm. It was a wakeup call!

I set out on my journey to find out what it was that I was yearning for.  It took me many years of searching to shape it out. During these years I went through, innumerable trials and errors, broken relationships, lost friendships, false spiritual teachers, real spiritual teachers, countless books, scriptures, understandings and epiphanies before I landed  firmly on my feet again.

I did finally find my own path, and most of it was about and within myself. I read (still do) many books, listened to many teachers, meditated, chanted, fasted – and at the end of it, I can only say as Rumi says – “That which you are seeking, is seeking you”. It was the real me, the authentic me,  the higher me, the one that is fully and honestly part of God, the Creator, the Source – and that which is without the Ego, the false desires, the frameworks, the religions that we have all been taught to believe in – That is what I was seeking. In the knowing of this real us, lies the freedom and sense of belonging that many of us are yearning for.

The uncovering process has been the most exciting fruitful journey of my life and turns out to be something that I am deeply passionate about. Using my experiences, as well as the gifts that have been bestowed upon me through my journey, my desire is to facilitate the healing and growth of other people going through their pains and turmoils in life. Using the THINKING INTO RESULTS COACHING program as a framework, my aim and objective is to empower others by helping them connect with the real beauty, joy, love and abundance that lies within, each one. Life is not meant to be a struggle!  We all have a right to live a truly joyful, abundant and passion filled life. Our responsibility is to get to know ourselves better, and bring our gift to the world. Herein lies my purpose

I hope that you will enjoy browsing my website and that we will get a chance to interact in one way or another.