Deep Relaxation Curriculum for Busy Professionals

Do you have any of the following conditions ?

  • Stressful job with long working hours
  • Constant worry over small matters
  • High blood pressure/ Heart Rate/ Hypertension
  • Short attention span / Lack of focus
  • General anxiety, insomnia, inability to get restful sleep
  • Inability to be in the moment, always thinking of something else
  • Exhaustion – Physical, Mental and Emotional
  • Grinding your teeth in your sleep
  • Acid reflux / Acidity
If you can attest to three or more of these statements, then you are in need of a Deep Relaxation Workout. 

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The inability to relax

In this day and age, one of the primary problems for people is an inability to completely and fully relax. You would think this is easy, go on a holiday, lie on a beach and you are relaxed? The reality is NO! Most people are unable to relax, no matter what the circumstances. Alternatively, we tend to rely on addictive agents such as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to find that space of relaxation and letting go. There are many reasons for the inability to relax, and we busy professionals are so consumed with work, emails and our electronic gadgets, that we forget that the most important person in this whole world and our surrounding circumstances is us. In our desperate effort to succeed, we ignore our own needs and requirements and loose that deep connection with ourselves that is so very necessary for our well being and optimal performance. If these situations continue long term, there is the possibility of early burnout and we will develop diseases such as blood pressure, hypertension, digestion problems, and in extreme cases, it could lead to a nervous breakdown or depression.

Why do we need to relax? 

For optimal functioning, human beings have an imperative need for deep relaxation. Deep relaxation energizes us like nothing else can. It is only when we can easily and effortlessly fall into deep states of relaxation, that our minds can focus and function at heightened levels. To be creative, we need to have the ability to let our mind be empty or still for a while. In a spiritual context, this space allows us to connect with our radiant inner self, and it is also in this state we are most receptive to allowing Source energy through our energy centers and detoxifying our mind, body and spirit. To allow high vibration source energy to flow through us, we need our joints and glands to be healthy and our breath to be deep.

Benefits of Deep Relaxation Workout:
  • Greater mental health leading to higher creativity, productivity and intelligence
  • Higher ability to focus / better attention span/ Greater motivation
  • Emotional upliftment, Joie de vivre
  • Longevity – Yes! Ability to relax has a lot to do with how long you will live.
  • Peak physical health
  • Reach your highest potential

What is a Deep Relaxation Curriculum? 

This is a 12 session program, 75-90 minutes each, during which I will use various tools and techniques to work with each client individually. A minimum commitment of once a week practice is required with a recommended bi-weekly practice. A combination of the following tools and techniques in my repertoire will be used :

  • Energization Workout to prepare your body for greater energy flow
  • Joints and glands exercises based on principles of Yoga
  • Pranayama based on Yogic principles
  • Meditation – guided and breath techniques
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Chakra cleaning and balancing
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Energetics Healing Sessions (1-2)
  • Guidance on nutrition and taking care of yourself

My objective is to help prepare your body, mind and spirit to fulfill your highest potential in this lifetime.

To check your current ability to relax, do the following:

1. Check your resting breath rate - to do this, sit upright with your eyes open and count the number of breaths in three minutes. (Short option one minute) Dont effort in the process, just observe. A deep relaxation rate is 3-6 breaths a minute.

2. Try to focus on your breath and count to 30 breaths with one count being one complete inhale and exhale. See how far you reach with the count, before your mind gets distracted with thoughts –  The closer to thirty the greater your ability to focus and therefore also greater the ability to relax.

3. Lie down with eyes closed, and try to deaden your body to the floor/ bed. Try to let go of all tightness in all muscles in the body. Observe how easy or tough this process is. Are you able to fully relax all your muscles and be completely still?

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How Deep Relaxation affects brain chemisty.