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April 7, 2016
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May 10, 2016

Personal growth is hard work, as it requires us to reflect, and literally get to know ourselves as we would a
complete stranger. Instead of merely, acting and reacting, we are forced to step back and look at our actions and reactions as an observer would. It is this process, which allows us to ultimately bring pabout the requisite changes which lead to the desired growth and transformation. Having used multiple tools such as Meditation, Yoga, Fasting, Reading and Studying over my own Self discovery process, I believe, that Journaling has been one of the most integral and vital pieces of the process. While my personal growth has very much been a Spiritual process, this is not a pre-requisite for us to get the best out of Journaling. Journaling is a fundamental tool for anyone looking to have some say in how they want their life to turn out.

Over the years, my journal has become my best friend – a friend to whom I can reveal the deepest of my feelings, without any fear of judgement. It is with whom I can share my inner most desires, goals and aspirations. Its a place of no limitations, a place where I set intentions for who I want to be and how I want my life to turn out. It is also a place where I forgive myself and everyone else, and last but not the least, it is the place I give Gratitude for all I have. My journal is my source of relief, my source of comfort, and my source of inspiration.

So why is Journaling important for you?

There are more reasons than I can put down here,some more subtle than others, which make Journaling an essential part of life. The Top few reasons why you should journal are below:

  • Change Management Tool – If you want to change something, whether in ourselvesor in something around us, the first thing we need to do is understand what it is. Writing it down, helps us understand what it is we would like to change and what it is we would like to have as outcome.
  • Self Reflection No matter where we are in life, or what we do, Self-reflection is integral to our growth. Journaling allows us to sit back and take a moment to observe ourselves, something that is very difficult to do when we are in action mode.
  • Slowing down the Thought process During the day, we are so engrossed and engaged in all the things we have to do, our mind barely has anytime to slow down. There are a million thoughts that flow through us in a minute. While breathing practices are great for this, Journaling leadsus to slow down the thought process, as we are forced to step back before we write. This slowing down of thoughts is essential to for us to be more productive and efficient.
  • Stress Release/ Emotional Purification More than anything else, journaling allows us to relieve ourselves of the stress and unneeded emotions that weigh us down. As we write, the pen literally draws the stress out of us and acts as an emotional purification tool. So whenever you are angry, sad or frustrated, reach out to your diary, and write down everything you are feeling and boom before you know it you are totally fine!
  • Decision Making Journaling helps us get clear in our thinking, which helps us make decisions more easily and effortlessly. As we contemplate a problem or an unmade decision in our journals, the clarity of thought that the writing process brings about, makes decision making fun!
  • Focus & Manifestation We are constantly creating our own reality, whether we know it or not. Most people do this at an unconscious level, but if we are to become conscious co-creators and have a say in how we want our life to turn out, then we need to use the focus and manifestation techniques to create our reality. Writing down what we want brings much greater focus and attention to our intentions, thus making it easier for us to manifest what we want.

Ok I want to Journal, how do I get down to it?Journaling 1

While many people want to journal, there is very few of us out there, who actually do this on a regular basis. The reason is simple, journaling requires commitment and discipline as well as a focused mind, which becomes a challenge for most people in todays world. However, if you are serious and want to start a journaling practice, the pointers below should help:

  1. Set an Intention in your mind that you will journal. Do this by buying a beautiful diary which makes you want to reach for it and write.
  2. Take small steps Dont commit to journaling every day, when you have never journaled before. Commit to once or twice a week and keep the commitment.
  3. Discipline Set a particular time aside for this purpose. Starting with fifteen twenty minutes twice a week should be attainable and will not lead to discouragement. Put a reminder in your calendar.
  4. Be Alone Journaling is your personal space and time. Go to a coffee shop if being alone at home is difficult. You can choose to do it last thing at night, when you have some time for yourself. Alternatively set a time at the office where you can be distraction free for a while (first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening should work). This is not a waste of time, it will help you get clearer and more productive at work!
  5. Dont know what to write Journaling effortlessly takes practice. If you have never written before, you might be stuck for where to begin. You can start with any questions that you have in your mind, or a situation at work or home which has been bothering you. Write down what the situation is, what bothers you about it/ the person involved, and what you would like to have as outcome. Simple and easy!

Journaling is not about sharing, it is about contemplating, reflecting and understanding yourself so keep whats in your journal sacred and secret. As you progress, you can create separate journals for separate purposes Gratitude Journal, Anger Journal, Love Journal, Decision Making Journal etc.

Journaling is fun. I wish you all the best on your Journaling Journey!

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