The conundrum of being limitless… A view from Up in the AIR…


LimitlessLast week was travel week from work, which meant quite some time on air planes. There is something about being on a plane that makes me think bigger and deeper. It also makes me a lot more emotional. It’s on a plane, I usually feel the need to have a good cry, and it comes easily with the help of a movie with some touching scenes. I think it has something to do with being at a higher frequency, up in the air, away from the dense energies of the planet, where the heart just opens up.

After I am done sniffing and crying, I always feel lighter and happier and the creative juices kick in…

In my creative imaginary getaways, on board a plane  –  I have started new businesses  and arrived at themes of books I was convinced I had to write. This time around, the question in my mind was a little different and it was a big one!

We have all heard this one before – If you could choose to be or to do anything in your life, what would that be? It was a question of substantial importance and I wanted an answer. Human beings are meant to be limitless in what they can achieve, if they put their minds to it. The problem with most of us is that we are unable to permit ourselves to think of the possibility of being limitless. Yet, here I was today contemplating that exact question – If I was limitless in my ability to manifest anything I wanted, what would I do with my life? Who would I want to be? What really was my purpose?

The first realization was that I did not have an answer to the question and that made me uneasy. Shouldn’t the answer be obvious?? Unfortunately, it just wasn’t….I loved my work, but it was definitely not all that I wanted, there was so much more…..

I did want an answer however, so I put some effort and focus into my reflection. Some options presented themselves, but I was not convinced that any one of them truly answered the question.

After much deliberation, and an epiphany, I realized –  that the answer lay not so much in what I wanted to do but what I could offer to the world. What was it that I, Jasrin Singh, could offer to this planet, to the people, which was truly reflective of who I am. The quest for answers now became about what is unique about me? 

Each one of us is unique and in the discovery and understanding of this singularity that we represent, lies our highest potential and ultimate treasure. 

I still don’t have all the answers, but I do have some directives on how we need to approach the question of limitlessness  and our unique blueprint. It starts with sowing some seeds  in our imagination.

Here are four steps, which I personally recommend, that we undertake to start expanding our imagination:

1. THINK !  Contemplate about the fact that there is a possibility that we are limitless beings. This is going to be hard, we have so often been told and believed in how little we can achieve so this is a mind game, but we can do it!

2. WRITE ! Once the idea of us being limitless becomes somewhat acceptable, start listing down all the things that we would want to do or be, if we were limitless. Do some homework –  think, meditate, contemplate and write, re-write.

3. FOCUS ! Prioritize and organize our thoughts and  desires. While it is good to want everything and anything, there is some value to be had in giving the universe a focused thought to start with. We are still early in the learning process of how to direct energy, so small steps are a good way to start.

4. RE-CALIBRATE ! If we are using our journey in life, as an opportunity for growth, then things will change as we go along. Sometimes this change occurs at a very quick speed. This could mean what was very important to us yesterday, may not be so today…  That is ok, and a natural part of growth.  Re-calibration,  allows us to change our minds,expand our vision in line with our growth, and at times, forces us to re-think our strategy altogether.

In the end, it is the IMAGINATION , that is the soil that brings dreams to life….


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