Raising your Consciousness – A lifelong journey

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April 4, 2015
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May 15, 2015


Consciousness is a vague term, and not that easily definable. However, in the context of what I am writing, I believe an individuals consciousness is a measure of ones perspective of the world. There are many aspects to this perspective, but we can assume that the higher the consciousness, the greater the degree of all that is normally considered good on this planet. This would include a greater sense of integrity, ethics, and an ability to love unconditionally or be completely selfless. At the highest levels of consciousness, would be the enlightened that walked this Earth such as Jesus and Budhha. At that level, there is only oneness where you are beyond separation. Essentially this results in a realization that we are all one. In this state, one would never harm another as it becomes very clear that harming another is no different from harming yourself despite what the illusory world may tempt oneto think or believe. You turn the other cheek because it does not matter any more.

The lower the level of consciousness, the greater the sense of lack in a person which is why one may feel the need to steal, lie, cheat, hurt or even kill another to get what one thinks is rightfully theirs. The higher the sense of separation or duality, the lower the consciousness and vice versa.

Another way to look at it would be that as our consciousness increases, we naturally gravitate towards the greater good of all. From me-centric, we move towards we or us-centric. The “we can be a small group such as a family to start with, and as consciousness increases, the group starts expanding to the size of a city, nation, world, planet or ultimately the Cosmos.

So why do we need to raise our consciousness at all? Fortunately for us, the universe is designed such that there is nowhere else to go. At some point, we will all feel the need to get to something greater, be somewhere bigger, and feel something more. Those are the moments where your soul is yearning for a surge in consciousness. There will be a time when we want to surge beyond our current limitations, reach higher, get rid of all our fears, and move forward with complete freedom.. That deep yearning is the cry from our real selvesfor a lift in consciousness.

This blog is dedicated to that lifelong journey, in myself and the many others out there like me


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