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January 15, 2016
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“You are the creator of your own experience, You live in a vibrational universe. You have control over the signal that you emit” - ABRAHAM

Vibration Frequency, is a much used term in the Spiritual and Awakening circles. Though less common otherwise, Vibration is in fact a very important and useful concept to understand. Everything in this universe is vibration and we are vibrating beings as is everything around us.

Vibration frequency is the level/ pattern at which our consciousness is vibrating in the Universe. This right here is the measure/ reflection of your feeling world. As a layman, this can be seen as what messages the energetic you is sending out into the universe. The higher/ cleaner/ sharper / more aligned the vibration frequency, the more affirmative the messages to the universe, the more progressive our environment, the more developed levels of joy, love, peace and abundance around us. All in all, the better you feel, the better your signature.

While the whole concept of higher and lower vibration seems to indicate a linear progression, it isEvent59_120x600 not. Every individuals vibration frequency is unique like a signature. It is a personal signature, carrying with it both positive and negative qualities that creates our reality around us. This is the reason, no two people on this Earth are identical in the reality that is true for them. The vibration changes constantly as we exhibit different emotions such as laughter, sadness or stress. However, there is an average rate at any time which is what we use as the general measure.

The Law of attraction is based on this principle and so understanding the laws of vibration isa very crucial aspectof self-growth. According to the Law of Attraction, Ask and it is Given, and if we are not receiving it, it is because we are out of vibrational alignment.

From the perspective of the physical world, we can do a quick check of our vibration by observing the quality of our breath, our physical health, our state of mind and finally our state of financial abundance. These are the places that a lower or misaligned vibration is most observable. Short breaths, disease, injury, stress, conflict, losses and financial distress are signals that one is not vibrating at the ideal level. As we raise our vibration/ come into alignment, these same factors convert into deeper slower breaths, peak physical health, peace, joy, loving relationships and financial abundance.

So you are not vibrating at your ideal level? What can you do?

The truth is that it takes consistent and sustained effort to raise our vibration to a level that will start reflecting a reality that we truly desire. Through life, the aim should be to raise our vibration at all times. In fact, after a certain point, this effort becomes a natural part of our being. Even if we are vibrating at a pretty high level, there is always another level to transcend.If we slack off on our efforts, we will very easily fall back into old patterns and ways of thinking.

So as is customary, below are the 5 steps I suggest, you can take to raise your vibration frequency:

  1. DISCIPLINE: This is top on my list as this is required to achieve anything in life. We will require discipline to ensure that the below few steps become our lifestyle and not just a fad diet that most of us have been on. Short term efforts Short term results! For long term results, discipline will have to be key in your life. As we start feeling better and better, this discipline will feel natural and not enforced.
  2. DIET: Yes, this is important. What we eat and drink, effects our vibration a lot! Most people love meat, but meat is one of the densest vibration foods that human beings can consume. If you are interested in change, conscious eating is highly recommended Less meat, more vegetables and fruits, less alcohol, more green juices, less smoking, more of breathing in early morning fresh air etc. Do a detox from time to time. Eat organic and free range as much as possible. Be vegetarian/ vegan/ dairy free whatever works for you – at least for a short while and observe how your body feels.
  3. EXERCISE: Our bodies are the densest part of our overall frequency. It is important to ensure that our physical bodies feel light and supple. I highly recommend Yoga as the best form of exercise, as it works on multi levels (multi bodies physical, mental, emotional, subtle) at the same time. Yoga also has the perfect balance of strength and suppleness and slowly works on opening up both our physical body and our energy body to reflect higher frequency thoughts and actions. However, any form of regular physical exercise will help as well.
  4. MEDITATION: This is, the greatest gift, given to mankind by our spiritual forefathers. This beautiful practice, is one of the fastest ways to help lift our vibration. Meditation brings with it immediate results feeling of peace, joy and general sense of well-being which are all high vibration feelings.Conscious breathing, which is a necessary part of meditation also has a large influence on our mental and physical health.For tips on how to start a beginners practice click here.David Meditation
  5. SPIRITUAL PRACTICE / READING: Changing our thoughts is hard work. But thankfully for us, there is lots of top class help available. I would highly advise you to read or listen to audios from some of the best known authors/ teachers of our times. This is part of increasing your minds exposure to positive influence media vs mass media such as TV/ Entertainment which tends mostly to have a negative influence because of the planets overall vibration being quite low at the moment.There are many other ways to lift your vibration – Chanting, dancing, singing, doing something you love, but consistent practice is all important.

Here is a list of my top recommended books and teachings for personal growth/ spiritual upliftment.

p.s. Give yourself 3-6 months of consistent practice before giving up. There is a time lag between cause and effect 🙂

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