Honouring Our Spirit

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August 17, 2016
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Honouring Your Spirit

What is Spirit?

Spirit is a confusing word for many because of its many different references and interpretations, but when I speak of Spirit, I am talking about Spirit as our essence. It is who we fundamentally are without the ego trappings. It is the pure, untouched, and unblemished part of us which is one with all. It is that little part of God, our Source Energy that resides in each one of us. In more common language, it is referred to as our Soul (though I believe they are slightly different).Most of us are completely unaware of either our Soul or our Spirit. In our running of day to day life, we forget that we are fundamentally spirit and the physical us is only a small act in a much larger play. Nevertheless, we get totally consumed in our modest role of play acting, and end up going through multiple life times with a general amnesia about our Spirit.

In my search for authenticity and meaning in life, I luckily stumbled upon my spirit a few years ago. This stumbling upon spirit is also known as a spiritual awakening or a kundalini rising.

To stumble upon your spirit is the greatest gift you can ever get, but it is not without its challenges. Once you do become acquainted with the spirit aspect of you, the non-spirit parts of you have no choice but to shed away. The non-spirit parts of us are comprised of our ego self and are in complete contradiction to the values and systems of the Spirit within us. Spirit starts shedding light on those parts, which have been working in contradiction with Spirit. As this occurs, we are able for the first time, to discern between the illusory and the real aspects of us. The illusory aspect is that which comprises the personality that has been primarily formed by social and familial conditioning, as well as our genetic make-up.

There is NO GOING BACK from the discovery of Spirit. Slowly (and sometimes way too fast) but surely, it takes over each and every aspect, transforming and challenging our erroneous zones – pushing us at times, pulling us at others, like a tug of war. Often, you feel like you have been put in a washing machine to get the cleaning of your life. Every now and then the spin cycle stops and you emerge a brighter, cleaner version of your former self. You catch a breath, enjoying the newer vibration that the last spin cycle brought you too – only to get back in the wringer soon again! And so it goes..

This transformational process brings us to our knees ever so often, as we seek to keep the little self that we know, well hidden. But there are no secrets from Spirit. Spirit knows everything and will not rest until that point when all non-spirit aspects of us are completely dissolved, and we are left completely open and vulnerable. From there on,we come closer to entering that blissful place of peace and joy where only pure Spirit can reside – the state, also known as enlightenment.

This journey cannot, not happen it is the path of human evolution, but we can decide on how long the struggle with Spirit will last for us.

Will we make the ride short or long?

We decide on the length of the ride by either choosing to honour or dishonour Spirit. In every moment, the choices we make either abide by the laws of Spirit or they dont. Each moment of existence in our life becomes either a moment of honouring Spirit or dishonouring Spirit. To learn to honour our Spirit, we have to first understand the fundamentals universal laws or principles which comprise the framework via which Spirit works. While there is no formula to describe the workings of Spirit, there are some essential laws which are widely understood by those on the unfoldingjourney.

Understanding the Laws of Spirit

  1. The Law of Self-Love Spirit understands that before you can learn to love others, it is imperative that we learn to love ourselves. We cannot understand any of the laws below, if we do not understand Self-love. The journey with spirit begins with understanding what Self-love really is and how we can go about achieving it. Self-love is a complete acceptance of yourself, without any judgements and conditions. This happens when those voices in your head, go from calling you an idiot to messages filled with love and compassion no matter how badly you messed up.
  2. The Law of Oneness Whether a particular action is directed towards yourself or another, makes no difference to your Spirit. The Spirit that lives in us, is also the Spirit that lives in every other living being on this planet. Thus what you do to yourself, you do to another and contrarily, what you do to another, you do to yourself. (Yes that person who annoys the hell out of you is made of the same substance as you so when you judge them you really judge you!
  3. The Law of Free Will Spirit never forces its will upon you, and teaches you the same. This means letting go of trying to control, manipulate or pester other people to live, think or believe the same things as you, even if you believe you are honouring Spirit and they are not. It is not for you to decide how someone else should act or be. That discussion is for that person to have with their own guidance system in the form of Spirit, if and when they decide to choose to become acquainted with it. In that quest, they may or may not seek a physical guide.
  4. The Law of Unconditional Love Spirit is unconditionally loving to the real us, the authentic us, even though often in our journey we cant see it that way. As our Egos get dissolved, we hurt, and we cry in anguish and desperation trying to hold on to the physical aspect of us that we understand, that we can control. Spirit wants us to understand unconditional love the love without expectations and attachment, and show it both for ourselves and others in our world view. Because most of us do not understand what is unconditional love, we usually have to go through a tough lesson (usually in the form of a deeply broken heart) very early on in the journey to get to this understanding.
  5. The Law of Non-Violence Spirit is the softest gentlest, most loving aspect of us. There is no space for violence in the world of spirit. By violence I am not talking here about physical violence but non-violence in thought first and foremost, and words and actions next. Making a judgement is violent towards another. Spirit wants us to accept people as they are no matter what they are up to in the physical. If we are driven to change conditions of the world, we do it without any use of violence. Peaceful change is the way of Spirit.
  6. The Law of Forgiveness There is no space in our Spirit selves for vengeance. Spirit teaches us the importance of forgiving pretty early on in the journey. We are forced to forgive others for seemingly unforgivable acts. As we learn to forgive others, we will then use this practice to forgive ourselves – because complete forgiveness of ourselves is probably the hardest part of forgiveness. Guilt and Shame have been built into our DNA (whether we are aware of it or not) and the only way to undo all that is via complete forgiveness of self.
  7. The Law of Surrender Spirit asks us to surrender to the Divine Intelligence within us which now becomes the guiding spur. There is no space for Control in the world of Spirit. The more we try to control what happens to us or around us, the more suffering we bring upon ourselves. This is particularly difficult for most of us who are control freaks, (Aka deeply fearful) and have spent most of our lives trying to control people, circumstances or even our own lives! We dont let go of control very easily so often we find ourselves on our knees and desperately exhausted trying to hold on, but end up surrendering, when there is no more fighting left in us.
  8. The Law of Faith Spirit asks that we lay complete faith and trust in Spirit and also in ourselves. This is hard! How do we lay complete faith in something that we can only feel within us but have no tangible way of seeing or describing to even another person? Despite our numerous attempts at surrender, we often end up trying hard to control our circumstances. But complete surrender asks for complete faith. There is no space for doubt and Spirit gives us lesson after lesson to eradicate the doubt. Among all the lessons, this one will probably be the last one. Once you have complete faith and trust in your Spirit aspect, which is the Authentic,you have essentially let go of all self-doubt.

Once you have fully understood and imbibed the laws, Spirit then takes you on your new and brilliant journey of the fully awakened and aware you. This you, will be the one that will do all the things that you were born to do. The new you, will work with passion and purpose, and will have a joie de vivre, few will understand. You now become a conduit for Spirit and start being an example, an inspiration to others - literally a light in the world!

If you have not had a natural spiritual awakening, you can in fact invite your Spirit aspect to yourself. You do this by reflection, introspection and meditation which are pathways to getting to the Authentic you.

In Honour and Gratitude to the Spirit, that resides in all of us, I wish you all a Blessed and Miraculous Unfolding.

Lots of love,


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