Infrastructure of a Successful Leader

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May 18, 2017
Infrastructure of a Successful Leader
July 31, 2017

Highly successful individuals who I refer to as Leaders, are not born, they are made – through hard work, persistence, discipline, growth and learning. Most people are unable to see what I call the “invisible side of success” – all the qualities that are present in a leader, some naturally and some honed over the years. The differentiating factor between successful individuals/ leaders and the rest of the pack is the level of AWARENESS.

This awareness manifests itself in the form of leadership qualities such as – a vision, goals, an ability to take risks, seeing opportunity in setbacks, heightened intuition, persistence and a drive for continuous growth and achievement.

While much research and investment has gone towards the development of leaders, there is not that much focus on what is required to ensure that leaders stay on the path of success. Research has indicated that up to 40% of C Suite leaders go through depression at some point, and many successful young individuals burn out before they are able to fulfill their potential. This usually occurs because the individual did not/ or has not managed to create the right support structure to sustain the constant demands that work / pressure of success, throws at them.

Leaders having support in the work environment is not enough, they need more and the most successful individuals have understood this. They don’t try to do it alone. They surround themselves with requisite support –a community, in the three most important dimensions of their life.

1. FAMILY – It is said “behind every successful man there is a woman”, and so is also true when the situation is reversed. Most successful men and women I have met, have a supportive spouse, and a family infrastructure they can rely on. If you want it all, then you can’t and ought not do it all – alone. In their personal community, the successful leader can both give and receive LOVE. LOVE, is the fundamental need of all human beings and is the most powerful and nurturing energy that we all must turn to, for rest and respite.

2. WORK – A successful leader, knows they can’t be successful on their own, and they are smarter, faster, productive when they have a Mastermind working with them. They invest in and surround themselves with experts and qualified people to support their VISION. Successful individuals and leaders, usually have mentors at their work place. Here, the leader displays RESPONSIBILITY for all outcomes related to their work. By taking full responsibility for results the leader instills the same quality in their team. While taking full responsibility is a requirement for the effective leader, it requires much courage, and being courageous all the time, sometimes takes a toll on the leader’s stress levels.

3. SELF – The most important (but often ignored) dimension of the individual leader is Self. The successful leader knows this and recognizes their need for personal growth, nurturance and learning. They appreciate the need to constantly expand themselves and to do that, they are willing to invest time, money and energy in themselves. They get assistance by finding Coaches or facilitators that can enable and support their personal growth and journey. 95% of highly successful individuals have a personal Coach.

Some of the benefits of having a Coach are

  • Creating a neutral an unbiased space where the leader can explore and grow.
  • Facilitating self-reflection and expansion of awareness.
  • A platform for the leader to explore and express their vulnerability, without fear of judgement. Expressing vulnerability though difficult for high achievers, is imperative for long term well-being and success of the leader.
  • An opportunity for the leader to Reset and Realign before moving on, on their path of constant evolution.
  • Coaching ensures that the leader provides full ACCOUNTABILITY for themselves, their actions and their growth to themselves.

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