Purpose of Life … Not WHAT you do, but HOW you do it…

Purpose of Life … Not WHAT you do, but HOW you do it…
August 27, 2018
Letting go and Being Let go – A tale of two humans – Part 1
October 18, 2018

I found the draft of this post, from a few years ago – and had to publish it! Since then, I even have clarity on the exact nature of my work. As an Executive and Life Coach, that question too has been answered 🙂 I have never had greater conviction than knowing that I was born to be a Coach, which brings together all of my thoughts below so beautifully – Totally Sublime !

Having been on a sabbatical from making a living, I sat in meditation with the clear intention of receiving some guidance on what I should be looking to do in the future. I am a Healer, a Writer and a Business professional but there seems to be no clear answers or one pointed focus to the exact nature of my work (at least as yet)

I enjoy being a Healer and I enjoy being out there in the Corporate world, just as much… Both aspects have given me immense joy and some heartaches J

As someone, who believes in Conscious Creation of our lives, this has always been somewhat of a conundrum to me. I know I can create, manifest easily… I have done so all my life, and continue to do so with greater and greater ease as I grow, but when it comes down to what I need to do for a “living”, I always get lost. I know the feelings associated with what I want to do, and those are independence, freedom, joy, making a difference, adding value, empowering people, enabling people, but the exact nature or road map was still missing.

So with a clear intention of receiving some guidance on what I should put on that life road map of mine, I started meditating. As I got deeper, a very clear and succinct message came to me and the message was “Life is not about WHAT you do, It’s about HOW you do what you do”.

It was so simple, yet so true… and made complete sense to me.

So here is the road-map for my life

  • To live a life of Grace and Dignity
  • To Empower and Uplift, whomever I meet, in every Interaction
  • To Be the Change I want to see in the World,
  • To Give, Generously and Freely
  • To be independent – Financially, Emotionally and Spiritually
  • To Love, Fearlessly and Passionately
  • To Forgive myself and All life
  • To be Grateful for Everything in Every Moment
  • To be Healthy, Body, Mind & Spirit
  • To love, nurture and cherish myself and those under my care
  • To be elegant in appearance and manner
  • To be kind, gentle and soft in speech
  • To be humble, in the face of success
  • To be devoted to God and my teachers forever and ever
  • To devote my life to being the very best that I can be, every day in every way
  • To leave this planet softly and calmly, with as much Grace as that which I lived

You know what they say -  patience is a real virtue 🙂


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