Building a Values Driven Organization for Business Performance

Desire – How it leads to Purpose
February 6, 2017
The Paradigm Shift
April 29, 2017

A great morning spent spreading the good work and message of Barrett Values Centre. A wonderful presentation by CEO Phil Clothier, on why Values of leadership, employees and the organization impact both performance and motivation. It has become imperative that leaders recognize that employees are first and foremost human beings who are motivated by their values and beliefs which are mostly hidden under the surface, but like an iceberg reflect 90% of what is really going in. Values are the building blocks of Organizational Culture.

In the last three years, Deloitte,Ernest & Young, PwC along withDuke University and ColumbiaBusiness School have all issuedreports showing that leaders nowunderstand this fact. Yet manyleaders do not recognize that theyare able to measure and managetheir cultures to better navigatethrough the changing businesslandscape and make the most of
their primary competitive advantage.Powerful, insightful and effectivetools in combination with experienced and consciousconsultants are the key to successfulorganisational transformation. However, it is not enough. It isbecoming clear that leaders need tobe better prepared for the investmentof money, time, commitment andeffort in order to create trulysuccessful and sustainableoutcomes.

Eikaa in partnership with Barrett Values Centre is committed to supporting leaders in this transformation journey.

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