The Paradigm Shift

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March 6, 2017
Role Modelling in Life and Organizations
May 18, 2017

Do you know what a paradigm is? If you don’t – you are probably living life at Effect, not at Cause. This means life is happening to you – and you are not making life happen. You are not being the creator you came here to be. Watch the video above to understand a little more about Paradigms….

Or read a little below on what Bob Proctor has to say.

Here’s something I know for sure…

No matter how wonderful your life currently is, the future can be even more fulfilling and joyous.

However, if you have issues or limitations that you haven’t been able to work through, things will improve if you re-evaluate your beliefs about the situation.

The more you evaluate YOU,
the more you’ll believe in YOU

First, figure out what you really want. Don’t place any restrictions on it.

Next, look at what your family’s beliefs were about various subjects…

What did they say about money? Health? Working? Sex?

Grab a piece of paper and write it all down, particularly in the areas that are an issue for you or that are keeping you from getting what you want.

If you find any negative statements that you’re still holding on to—beliefs that are part of your paradigm, your job is to recognize that it’s not a beneficial belief to have and look at it from a new, more empowering perspective.

If you want to permanently change your paradigms, then consider the Thinking Into Results program to make quantum leaps in behavior and results.

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